3 Reasons Tokyo Disneyland is the Cutest

Disney is one of the world’s most successful and well known brands so naturally there is a lot of consistency among all of their parks. Even still, Cooper and I weren’t sure just how similar Tokyo Disneyland was going to be to the original Disneyland in California but it definitely had that signature Disney touch even in the small details. By nature, Disney is cute, but Tokyo somehow takes it up a notch, so here’s the three reasons Tokyo Disneyland is cuter than Disneyland in California.

Disney’s Easter
Unlike Disney parks in the U.S., Tokyo Disneyland goes all out for Easter. In fact, this year they started their Easter celebration a couple of weeks before the actual holiday, and it’s going all the way through mid June! I have to wonder if “Disney’s Easter” should be renamed to “Disney’s Springtime” but all of the egg themed decor was just too cute to do that. It was apparent how popular this annual event is by all of the pastel colored decorations and Mickey ears turned bunny ears present throughout the park. One of cutest Easter touches was egg shaped versions of the characters hanging out around the resort. They also introduced special food items and souvenirs for Disney’s Easter. I tried the special Easter drink which was a delicious, fruity soft drink with jellies on the bottom.

All of these bright and cheerful springtime touches were so fun but nothing could compare to the “Usatama on the Run!” parade. The premise of this show is that the bunny-eared egg characters called “usatama” have escaped from the egg factory, and the “Ustama Chasers” and Disney characters are hunting them down. Does this make any sense? No. But it was so adorable and catchy that we were totally into it! The characters were all decked out in pastels, florals and bunny ears and it just makes them that much cuter. All Disneyland parades and events are happy and magical but let me tell you this one was so bright and upbeat, the song still creeps into my head even months later.

Themed food
Aside from the Easter extravaganza, Tokyo Disneyland has some adorable food options. Cooper and I were really curious as to what food would be available (read: really concerned that we wouldn’t get our churro) at the park and it was definitely a mix of Japanese and Western options (including churros!). The first thing we got when we were there was a pork bun shaped like Mickey ears which was delicious and something you’d never see in the states. Nearly every snack in the park was Mickey ear shaped, including waffles and chicken nuggets, and if it wasn’t Mickey ears it was something else like minions or Mike Wazowski shapes. Disney Parks do a great job of incorporating that Disney magic into the whole experience but Tokyo Disneyland definitely takes it up a notch with their fun food items!


Friendly cast members
In order to keep the Happiest Place on Earth so happy, all Disney Parks employ world class “cast members” but the cast members in Tokyo were above and beyond what we were expecting. Something that impressed us throughout Japan was the fact that no shop, restaurant or attraction was understaffed. Disneyland was no exception. In fact, we saw many cast members simply standing in the middle of the park ready for guests to walk up and ask them questions. As I said, cast members are always friendly, but those at Tokyo Disney were incredibly cheerful – always smiling and constantly waving! We couldn’t help but smile and offer a wave back, seeing them so happy to stand in the middle of the park, even in the rain, just waving at all of the guests. It was something so small but it really stuck with us and we were laughing about how cute it was even days after.


I am so glad we were able to spend a day at Tokyo Disneyland while we were in Japan and I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves Disney! It’s so similar, yet has so many unique and charming touches that you won’t find in any other park. We would love to visit all the Disney parks around the world someday, and we’ll remember Tokyo Disneyland for all of the adorable cast members, snacks and Easter celebrations!






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