New Year, New Things – January 2017


As you may have read in my original New Year, New Things post, I’m setting out to try one new thing every month in 2017. Trying something new, whether it’s a new recipe, workout class or daily routine, is a healthy exercise in personal growth. I am very much a person who likes a familiar routine but I’ve found that doing something you’ve never done, and even more so something that scares you a bit, almost always pays off. That’s not to say that every new thing you try, you’re going to want to stick with, but at least you learn more about what you like and don’t like. Lucky for me I had a blast with my “new thing” for January!

I’m going to be really honest here. For anyone that knows me personally, you know that exercising is not high on my priority list. Sure, I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment after a run or the thought of getting back in shape (but have I really ever actually been in shape in the first place…?) but I have never enjoyed the art of exercising. It’s also difficult for me to justify paying money to do something I don’t enjoy. However, I have heard a lot of buzz around indoor cycling classes at fancy studios like SoulCycle and FlyWheel so when a new CycleBar location opened up near me and offered 2 weeks of free classes, my frugal self decided to try it out.

Admittedly I was pretty nervous going into it. All I knew about these classes were that they played loud, high energy music and it was pretty likely that the instructor was going to yell at us. This was all true – and it was so much fun! I don’t think I’ve ever been to an exercise class, period, let alone this particular type of class so there were a lot of unknowns. CycleBar makes the experience so easy by taking care of everything. They provided water, lockers, fruit, assisting with your bike settings and even a cold lavender wash cloth after your ride. They were very welcoming of us first timers, and reminded us several times during the class to go at the pace that felt right for us. I think I speak for all riders, in shape or out of shape, that this is a great workout and the upbeat style leaves you feeling excited and ready to take on the day.

I enjoyed the experience so much that I actually went three times during the grand opening period! This allowed me to try three different instructors and three different class times. Weekend morning classes were fun, but before I committed to buying any credits I wanted to make sure I could fit in an evening workout during the week as well. It really gave me a good idea of the different class styles and how I felt after a 9:30am class versus a 6:45pm class. Now here I am, planning on buying a 10-class package for something I had never even thought about trying a month ago!

I am certain that every new activity will not turn out this way, but it feels wonderful to have taken a leap and tried something completely new that I ended up really enjoying. This is exactly why I committed to trying new things and it leaves me feeling motivated and excited for the rest of the year. Just like that, February is upon us, so I’m taking suggestions for my next new experience. Let me know what you think!


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